Dear PR Rep, You Are Not a Parasite, Afterall

Posted by Jennifer Smiga


If you’ve been in PR even a short while you know we publicists have a (sometimes well earned) reputation for annoying reporters with incessant pitches of non-news items on behalf of our clients. (We’re adding a new location! The latest version of our software was released!) There are whole slide decks, blogs and memes devoted to how we drive reporters nuts.

You’d think we offered no value to reporters. That we were a pox on their house.

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Instagram Partnerships: Where Everyone Wins

Posted by Jennifer Smiga

What’s better than a beautiful, well curated Instagram feed? Two beautiful, well curated feeds working together for double the audience.

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Before You Pitch a Design Blogger, Get Your Message Clear [sample pitch]

Posted by Jennifer Smiga

Style. Influence. Followers. Design bloggers have it all. And you need it.

If you’ve developed a new product or run a boutique design company, the relationships you build with design bloggers with industry clout could be pivotal for your company. When your brand or product appears on their news feeds they lend you their credibility and audience. That can mean new markets, collaborations, and sales.

So how does your boutique design company capture a blogger’s valuable attention?

 It’s simple.

Offer something of value that aligns with their style and personality.

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These Subject Lines Dared Me To Open

Posted by Shannon Winning

It’s hard to stand out in my email inbox. I stop to make tea and there are 17 new messages demanding my attention. (It’s probably happening to you right now.) A little caffeine break, or maybe even just navigating away for actual work work and I’m forced to mentally triage the damage when I return – look at it later, ignore forever, unsubscribe, oooh wait, what is THAT?

Shannon, people are looking at your LinkedIn profile.

Is this not everyone’s favorite subject line? It translates to: You are amazing. Everyone wants to know you.

What it actually means might be less spec

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You're a Writer. Start Acting Like One.

Posted by Shannon Winning

You do it at your desk. You do it on the train. You do it in line at the DMV. Heck you probably did it while you were in bed this morning.

You write.

Whether you’re an architect or a banker, a developer or an interior designer, you my friend, are a writer.

It’s not what the man pays you for, but it’s what you do as part of your every day, in business and in life.

It’s a means to your end.

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Which Keywords Attract Customers? The Painful Ones

Posted by Shannon Winning

You know what you’re doing on the back end of a blog. You’ve got meta and featured images, links and alt tags. And you don’t let a post leave your dashboard without a strong keyword focus. But is that enough?

Not if your aim is to attract your ideal customers. Because real people, like you and me, aren’t seduced by a second page Google listing. And we know a generic keyword phrase when we scroll through results. Because we are smart and savvy and really, really good looking. 

That’s why today we’re going to look at how you can better use keywords to attract customers and clients to your company’s site.

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Put Down The Hammer: Why DIY Is Killing Your Business

Posted by Shannon Winning

The DIY game is strong in my family. This summer my husband single handedly cut in half and removed a 12 foot cast iron oil tank for our basement. And my 84 year dad just rebuilt his dishwasher. There isn’t a lot of calling in the cavalry at our place.

There’s some nice pride in DIY. (Home Depot banks it’s whole brand on it.) People will say, “Wow, you did that?” And you will say, “Why yes, yes I did.” But sometimes, DIY is a waste.

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Fight Click Away With These Image Tricks

A picture is worth a thousand… words? No. Eyeballs. 

If you’re marketing your company online, you have mere seconds to grabs someone’s attention before they go clicking away. You know the glut of content coming at you. It’s the same for your customers. To stand out you need to give your audience something to really look at – on your site, on your social, in your email, on your blog. Errrywhere.

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No One’s Reading Your Blog, And Other Myths


If we all shared the Powerball we’d each get $4 million?!! We were saddened to learn recently that no, this is an urban myth. Generous Powerball sharing would only result in everyone being able to buy a small latte and not an end to poverty in the U.S. Sigh.

Some myths, especially about content marketing, you can’t plug into, so we're going to bust open the top seven myths we hear about content.

See which one of these you’ve heard (or said).

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Twitter moments: What the heck are they and how do you use them?


A dog snuggling with his bird best friend is trending. So is "the 10 strangest things to ever happen
in a Walmart." And so is Justin Bieber. But we’re not going there.  

Who cares? And what makes something trend? Technically speaking, trending social media news is determined by the platform's algorithms. You don't need to take advanced math all over again, so we're going to cut to the simple explanation.

Essentially, when a topic gains above average mentions in a short period of time, it becomes a trend. Trending is unpredictable. Even the most random things can start to trend. Hence the large amount of cat topics and celebrity baby names trending daily. But is there any point in paying attention to this? Can you use it to profit your company? Yes and yes.

Today we'll show how you as a business owner or your company's social media manager can use Twitter's trending topics to your advantage.

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