Marketing Stats Got Us Fired Up. Jumping Into 2020 Like…

Posted by Julia Zapcic


The world of content marketing, much like your average pop star, is always evolving. It’s critical for your business that you stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. It can be an exhausting task if you don’t know where to look. One of our favorite ways to stay on top of marketing trends is to keep an eye on yearly statistics.

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You're a Writer. Start Acting Like One.

Posted by Shannon Winning

You do it at your desk. You do it on the train. You do it in line at the DMV. Heck you probably did it while you were in bed this morning.

You write.

Whether you’re an architect or a banker, a developer or an interior designer, you my friend, are a writer.

It’s not what the man pays you for, but it’s what you do as part of your every day, in business and in life.

It’s a means to your end.

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Put Down The Hammer: Why DIY Is Killing Your Business

Posted by Shannon Winning

The DIY game is strong in my family. This summer my husband single handedly cut in half and removed a 12 foot cast iron oil tank for our basement. And my 84 year dad just rebuilt his dishwasher. There isn’t a lot of calling in the cavalry at our place.

There’s some nice pride in DIY. (Home Depot banks it’s whole brand on it.) People will say, “Wow, you did that?” And you will say, “Why yes, yes I did.” But sometimes, DIY is a waste.

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Fight Click Away With These Image Tricks

A picture is worth a thousand… words? No. Eyeballs. 

If you’re marketing your company online, you have mere seconds to grabs someone’s attention before they go clicking away. You know the glut of content coming at you. It’s the same for your customers. To stand out you need to give your audience something to really look at – on your site, on your social, in your email, on your blog. Errrywhere.

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No One’s Reading Your Blog, And Other Myths


If we all shared the Powerball we’d each get $4 million?!! We were saddened to learn recently that no, this is an urban myth. Generous Powerball sharing would only result in everyone being able to buy a small latte and not an end to poverty in the U.S. Sigh.

Some myths, especially about content marketing, you can’t plug into, so we're going to bust open the top seven myths we hear about content.

See which one of these you’ve heard (or said).

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Google Ads Are Ineffective At Wooing Buyers. Here’s Why You Should Use Them Anyway

Posted by Jennifer Smiga


If you use Google Adwords for your business you probably know two things: You definitely pay for the service every month. And you definitely don’t know if it’s working.

The effect is very similar to the direct mail campaign. Design a nice flyer, letter, coupon etc. Send said ad and wad of cash to direct mail company. Wait by phone for customers. Without a crush of new business it’s hard to assess if the campaign worked. Yes, you got a few new customers, but why? Did they come from other sources? Hard to tell.

What would be more effective to know is why didn’t the ad bring you a crush of new business. Was the ad design bad? Was the mailing list not your target market? If you had those answers you could pivot your strategy for next time. And that’s where Google’s power comes into effect with a side benefit to using its Adwords service – keyword data.

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7 Steps To Success for the DIY Business Blogger

Posted by Jennifer Smiga

You didn’t start your business to write. You’re a service provider, startup company, or small business owner strapped for time and money. You’re not a writer. So where does that leave you when presented with the job of blogging weekly for your website? For many, DIY blogging is the only option when marketing dollars are tight.

It’s crucial that you blog. Doing it is not an option in this age of digital marketing.

Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website. (Source)


Your online presence is the first (and sometimes only) impression prospective clients have of you. Before they pick up the phone to make an appointment, purchase a product online or walk through your doors, you can bet they’ve already Googled you. Your website can tell them a lot about your offerings and services, but what if you could reach that perspective client or customer BEFORE they knew you even existed?

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