How to Get Your Design and Remodeling Business Noticed on Instagram

Posted by Shannon Winning

With an eye for design and a steady stream of likable images, architects, remodelers and home builders have emerged as strong players on Instagram, using the platform to drive traffic to their websites and create a buzz where they live and work.

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Atlanta’s SmithHönig Is High Point Market Bound (and so are we!)

Posted by Jennifer Smiga

High Point Market isn’t just the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world. It’s where serious retail home buyers, interior designers, architects, bloggers, thought-leaders and trend-setters gather to discover innovative new products hitting the market. And color-us-ecstatic to announce that our client, Atlanta-based home decor and textile company SmithHönig, is bringing their vision of global nomad glam to market for the first time.

The ultraviolet team will be right there, providing on-site support and quickly opening bottles of Prosecco (an important skill to have for this particular event).

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LOOK HERE: Tips for Designing A Digital Product Lookbook That Gets Views

Posted by Danielle Thibault

The ebook is an effective (though basic) lead nurturing offer. It delivers valuable info to contacts and is great for search authority. It’s also a bit of a yawn.  So many words.

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6 Photography Tips to Pump Up Your Social Media at Events

Posted by Jennifer Smiga

You’ve seen them. Straight on selfie head shots (or dead shots). Pics that do nothing to compel people to engage.

Let’s be real, a pic needs to be different, colorful and engaging to earn a like, regram or share from your followers. And at events, it can be even harder to have your social media post stand out among the flutter of party pics, unless you’re deliberate in capturing and sharing images that resonate.

My favorite piece of advice on how to make images interesting comes from Caitlin Winner, Facebook’s design manager and part time painter… “Start with Heart”

Pay attention to what excites you. Is it the shape of the thing? Is it the color relationships? Is it the way the light is casting shadows? If you make an image in service of what is interesting to you, others will find it interesting, too.

Follow Caitlin’s advice and these five tips from Marketing Rival, and you’ll have no problem amplifying your social reach at your next event —  from expo to meetup.

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Instagram Partnerships: Where Everyone Wins

Posted by Jennifer Smiga

What’s better than a beautiful, well curated Instagram feed? Two beautiful, well curated feeds working together for double the audience.

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Fight Click Away With These Image Tricks

A picture is worth a thousand… words? No. Eyeballs. 

If you’re marketing your company online, you have mere seconds to grabs someone’s attention before they go clicking away. You know the glut of content coming at you. It’s the same for your customers. To stand out you need to give your audience something to really look at – on your site, on your social, in your email, on your blog. Errrywhere.

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No One’s Reading Your Blog, And Other Myths


If we all shared the Powerball we’d each get $4 million?!! We were saddened to learn recently that no, this is an urban myth. Generous Powerball sharing would only result in everyone being able to buy a small latte and not an end to poverty in the U.S. Sigh.

Some myths, especially about content marketing, you can’t plug into, so we're going to bust open the top seven myths we hear about content.

See which one of these you’ve heard (or said).

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Google Ads Are Ineffective At Wooing Buyers. Here’s Why You Should Use Them Anyway

Posted by Jennifer Smiga


If you use Google Adwords for your business you probably know two things: You definitely pay for the service every month. And you definitely don’t know if it’s working.

The effect is very similar to the direct mail campaign. Design a nice flyer, letter, coupon etc. Send said ad and wad of cash to direct mail company. Wait by phone for customers. Without a crush of new business it’s hard to assess if the campaign worked. Yes, you got a few new customers, but why? Did they come from other sources? Hard to tell.

What would be more effective to know is why didn’t the ad bring you a crush of new business. Was the ad design bad? Was the mailing list not your target market? If you had those answers you could pivot your strategy for next time. And that’s where Google’s power comes into effect with a side benefit to using its Adwords service – keyword data.

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9 Signs You're Wasting Money on Marketing

Posted by Shannon Winning

There are plenty of ways to spend your marketing dollars. Staff, software, ads, agencies. But have you ever taken a holistic view of all your marketing efforts from digital to pr?

If you haven't done it in a year (or ever), you're surely spending out of habit, rather than intentionally investing in growing your company. And I'd put money (and your pet monkey) to bet that you aren't happy with the results.

When we meet with prospective clients about digital marketing or social media, we find that mid-sized companies are facing the same challenges and pitfalls, across all industries. Marketing is often an afterthought, sometimes a revenue suck, and probably living in a silo far away from sales. If that sounds like your company, read on for nine indicators that you're wasting money on marketing.


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How To Write a Mass Email Your People Will Devour

Posted by Shannon Winning

I write a LOT of emails. I know you’re thinking, Who doesn’t? But on top of my own emails to clients, colleagues and kids' teachers, I ghost write and send emails on behalf of clients every day.

If I didn’t think it would crush my writer’s soul, I’d change my business card to read Shannon Winning – Email Writer.

Crushing of creative souls aside, I love the surprised and delighted feedback I get from clients after I send out a batch.

“They think I’m talking directly to them,” is my favorite response.

Sometimes clients forward to me the responses they receive. The replies say things like,
“Thanks Marc. Appreciate you keeping us in the loop.” “This sounds great! I’d love to attend.”

My clients are always kind of astounded for two reasons:

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