Marketing Stats Got Us Fired Up. Jumping Into 2020 Like…

Posted by Julia Zapcic


The world of content marketing, much like your average pop star, is always evolving. It’s critical for your business that you stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. It can be an exhausting task if you don’t know where to look. One of our favorite ways to stay on top of marketing trends is to keep an eye on yearly statistics.

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These Subject Lines Dared Me To Open

Posted by Shannon Winning

It’s hard to stand out in my email inbox. I stop to make tea and there are 17 new messages demanding my attention. (It’s probably happening to you right now.) A little caffeine break, or maybe even just navigating away for actual work work and I’m forced to mentally triage the damage when I return – look at it later, ignore forever, unsubscribe, oooh wait, what is THAT?

Shannon, people are looking at your LinkedIn profile.

Is this not everyone’s favorite subject line? It translates to: You are amazing. Everyone wants to know you.

What it actually means might be less spec

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How to Pitch Media And Actually Be Heard

Posted by Jennifer Smiga


If you’ve ever witnessed a little kid birthday party you know about being on the wrong end of a person to person ratio. It’s a lot of noise with you begging, “For the love of sprinkles, someone listen to me!” Not pretty, but it’s exactly what’s going on in PR these days and company reps (and owners) are feeling it.

Recent data says that media relations professionals now outnumber reporters by nearly 5 to 1. With numbers like that the only way your company message is heard is if you’ve cultivated relationships with reporters. That way when you have news, there will be someone who can pick you out of the crowd.

Key to your development of relationships with the media is providing reporters, producers and editors with quality, dependable content in a timely manner. Your company blog is your best PR tool. Instead of trying to manufacture relevant company news for a press release, your blog can give you industry related news and thought leadership pieces to share with the media. It’s like a gift for a reporter covering your industry – but only if you make sure it has the nuts and bolts the media are searching for:

  • Statistics and data related to your industry
  • Information on new products, services or ways of doing business
  • Tips and how to’s
  • Human-interest stories that get the adrenaline (or tears flowing)

If you need some help getting your company blog going, click here for a free resource.

If your marketing team (and maybe that’s you also) has got the blog down, you’re ready to start connecting with media. Here are a few ways you can pitch your blog to the media:


1. Don’t push a mass release. Send an engaging personal email.

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Forget Facebook. Click Send.

Posted by Shannon Winning


Hop in the car kids, because today we’re heading to Boston to learn how one startup made it stupid easy for followers to give them free press (and how your company can do it too).

We’re talking about how to reengage your dormant contact database with email, the most underrated social media engagement tool.

Let’s dig in.

At some point in your marketing efforts you realized it was important to gather email addresses from visitors, maybe to deliver company news or perhaps your blog. Maybe you're even gathering them for lead tracking and nurturing (high five!).

You've amassed a fat, juicy list of contacts. Fantastic. But if you don’t use it to connect with those people socially, you are missing an opportunity.

Today I’m going to show you how Grove Labs, a Boston-based startup uses email get its supporters to promote it on social media.

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9 Signs You're Wasting Money on Marketing

Posted by Shannon Winning

There are plenty of ways to spend your marketing dollars. Staff, software, ads, agencies. But have you ever taken a holistic view of all your marketing efforts from digital to pr?

If you haven't done it in a year (or ever), you're surely spending out of habit, rather than intentionally investing in growing your company. And I'd put money (and your pet monkey) to bet that you aren't happy with the results.

When we meet with prospective clients about digital marketing or social media, we find that mid-sized companies are facing the same challenges and pitfalls, across all industries. Marketing is often an afterthought, sometimes a revenue suck, and probably living in a silo far away from sales. If that sounds like your company, read on for nine indicators that you're wasting money on marketing.


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How To Write a Mass Email Your People Will Devour

Posted by Shannon Winning

I write a LOT of emails. I know you’re thinking, Who doesn’t? But on top of my own emails to clients, colleagues and kids' teachers, I ghost write and send emails on behalf of clients every day.

If I didn’t think it would crush my writer’s soul, I’d change my business card to read Shannon Winning – Email Writer.

Crushing of creative souls aside, I love the surprised and delighted feedback I get from clients after I send out a batch.

“They think I’m talking directly to them,” is my favorite response.

Sometimes clients forward to me the responses they receive. The replies say things like,
“Thanks Marc. Appreciate you keeping us in the loop.” “This sounds great! I’d love to attend.”

My clients are always kind of astounded for two reasons:

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