Why Your Nonprofit Needs To Ditch The Donate Button

Click a button and donate. Seems simple and effective, right? People, the donate button is dead.
Slapping a button on your website isn’t going to move strangers to give their money to your nonprofit. You know your organization changes lives and manages resources effectively, but your site visitors might not, especially those who’ve landed here for the first time. You’re strangers to each other and like our mom taught us, we don’t give our money to strangers.
Like all donors, your site visitors need to be nurtured. They need to learn your story, understand your organization, and feel a connection to your fundraising effort. Only then will they feel knowledgeable and comfortable (even inspired) enough to give to your cause.
Let’s talk about another, more effective way to raise funds for your organization than a standalone donate button. How do you effectively communicate your story to your readers? First, understand the life cycle stage of website readers.
Generally, there are three of them and they are the key to improving your online fundraising.

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