How To Write a Mass Email Your People Will Devour

Posted by Shannon Winning

I write a LOT of emails. I know you’re thinking, Who doesn’t? But on top of my own emails to clients, colleagues and kids' teachers, I ghost write and send emails on behalf of clients every day.

If I didn’t think it would crush my writer’s soul, I’d change my business card to read Shannon Winning – Email Writer.

Crushing of creative souls aside, I love the surprised and delighted feedback I get from clients after I send out a batch.

“They think I’m talking directly to them,” is my favorite response.

Sometimes clients forward to me the responses they receive. The replies say things like,
“Thanks Marc. Appreciate you keeping us in the loop.” “This sounds great! I’d love to attend.”

My clients are always kind of astounded for two reasons:

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Small Businesses Take Note! Three Facebook Updates Just For You

Facebook may have hurt you in the past – making it harder to reach your customers without advertising – but its recent changes are a win for small businesses.
The social media giant has turned it's attention to small companies and entrepreneurs with new tools to generate business on your page. These tools aim to make search easier to increase brand awareness and revenue. And because you want to make money, you should become adept at them.
45 million businesses use Facebook to reach and engage their customers. Unless you're living in a cave with no WiFi (in which case we'd like to come over for a monthly digital detox), you know the platform is a critical tool to collect information on customers, gain feedback and build your online community. Now, Facebook can do so much more to drive business.
Let's review three recent updates.
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How to Snoop on Your Competitor's SEO Rank

Posted by Shannon Winning

So you want to know what your competitor is doing online. You're thinking, what's my competitor's SEO rank? Or maybe you're wondering if they have better digital marketing than you, or if your competition does social media better than you.

Well, you sneaky, son of gun, I've got some tips for you.

Here are five ways you can see what your competitor is doing in her digital marketing, without anybody knowing what you're up to.

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