What Small (and Mighty) Businesses Can Learn from a Big Marketing Strategy

Posted by Jennifer Smiga

When you run the one person marketing department for a company, drafting budgets and posting to Facebook in the same day, the slick print campaigns and glowing Insta stories of the big brands can make successful marketing feel out of reach. And maybe a soul crushing endeavor.

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6 Things Your Small Business Can Do Quickly During a Crisis

Hurricanes. Floods. Data breaches. Employee malevolence. Staff violence. Financial problems. The list of potential crises that can strike small businesses or nonprofits are many, and real. But you don’t have to be left in a panic when disaster hits. Below are six things business owners can do to minimize damage and communicate with important audiences the minute a catastrophe hits, along with a proactive suggestion to be uber prepared for any event.

1. Pin your message to your Facebook wall

Seems too simple, right? Yep, but effective. Pinning your message to the top of your Facebook wall keeps it front and center for all to see. In an emergency situation, people need information and they need it now, so give it to them. Is your business going to be closed? Say that, then pin that. Maybe your location is the only one of its kind open. Say it, pin it.
Proactive approach: Have a comprehensive social media plan in place before crisis hits. Facebook and Twitter can be lifesavers, allowing you to reach your customers and clients quickly and effectively. These channels also let you continually communicate with stakeholders before, during and after an emergency. If your business has a social media crisis communication plan in place, when panic strikes you and your employees will feel organized and ready to put that plan in action.
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Small Businesses Take Note! Three Facebook Updates Just For You

Facebook may have hurt you in the past – making it harder to reach your customers without advertising – but its recent changes are a win for small businesses.
The social media giant has turned it's attention to small companies and entrepreneurs with new tools to generate business on your page. These tools aim to make search easier to increase brand awareness and revenue. And because you want to make money, you should become adept at them.
45 million businesses use Facebook to reach and engage their customers. Unless you're living in a cave with no WiFi (in which case we'd like to come over for a monthly digital detox), you know the platform is a critical tool to collect information on customers, gain feedback and build your online community. Now, Facebook can do so much more to drive business.
Let's review three recent updates.
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9 Things to Do Right Now If You Have Almost No Money To Market Your Small Business

Posted by Shannon Winning


We've been there.

You're just starting out (or restarting) and your small business has a latte sized budget to market. But you know you have to get the word out because growing is not an option, it's a matter of survival.

Deep breathes.

You can make it through this time, and thrive, with an intentional plan for marketing that grows with your business. In today's blog we lay the blueprints for a robust small business digital marketing plan. If you follow these steps you'll be ready to launch as soon as you hit your benchmarks.


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