How to Get Your Design and Remodeling Business Noticed on Instagram

Posted by Shannon Winning

With an eye for design and a steady stream of likable images, architects, remodelers and home builders have emerged as strong players on Instagram, using the platform to drive traffic to their websites and create a buzz where they live and work.

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Interior Designers, Bloggers Get Honest About Tech at #WNWN

Posted by Julia Zapcic


So, what do some of the most hard-charging, passionate, successful interior designers really think about social media tools and how tech impacts their business?

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What is a tweet chat? One Hour of Killer Lead Gen. Don’t Miss It.

Posted by Jennifer Smiga

What is a tweet chat? One of my favorite social media tools and an exciting way to discover new people, products, partners and… prospects.

These are live Twitter events focused around a general topic and often scheduled for the same time and day, and held weekly or monthly. They’re about an hour long.

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The Publicist's Essential Guide To Meeting Brand Ambassadors on Social

Posted by Jennifer Smiga

Ten years ago my answer to the cocktail party question, “What do you do?” was as easy as two letters: PR.

These days that answer is: I help companies in the design and build industry connect with their targets through social media, content marketing, public relations and strategic partnerships (say that after two cocktails). The PR job has changed dramatically in the last decade. The press release, once king of the PR world, has ceded the throne to the much younger, much more persuasive heir, social media and her loyal advisor the brand ambassador.

2016 PR is social PR.


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6 Photography Tips to Pump Up Your Social Media at Events

Posted by Jennifer Smiga

You’ve seen them. Straight on selfie head shots (or dead shots). Pics that do nothing to compel people to engage.

Let’s be real, a pic needs to be different, colorful and engaging to earn a like, regram or share from your followers. And at events, it can be even harder to have your social media post stand out among the flutter of party pics, unless you’re deliberate in capturing and sharing images that resonate.

My favorite piece of advice on how to make images interesting comes from Caitlin Winner, Facebook’s design manager and part time painter… “Start with Heart”

Pay attention to what excites you. Is it the shape of the thing? Is it the color relationships? Is it the way the light is casting shadows? If you make an image in service of what is interesting to you, others will find it interesting, too.

Follow Caitlin’s advice and these five tips from Marketing Rival, and you’ll have no problem amplifying your social reach at your next event —  from expo to meetup.

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5 Not Terrifying Social Media Updates For Your Brand

There have been a ton of changes to social media in recent months, and many of those changes will actually make our job in marketing easier. (Yay! And we thought it was just going to be nasty algorithm changes...)

From direct connections on Pinterest to more characters in a Tweet, small changes on top channels are helping brands tell their stories and engage more naturally with their consumers.

And without a big learning curve.

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Put Down The Hammer: Why DIY Is Killing Your Business

Posted by Shannon Winning

The DIY game is strong in my family. This summer my husband single handedly cut in half and removed a 12 foot cast iron oil tank for our basement. And my 84 year dad just rebuilt his dishwasher. There isn’t a lot of calling in the cavalry at our place.

There’s some nice pride in DIY. (Home Depot banks it’s whole brand on it.) People will say, “Wow, you did that?” And you will say, “Why yes, yes I did.” But sometimes, DIY is a waste.

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Fight Click Away With These Image Tricks

A picture is worth a thousand… words? No. Eyeballs. 

If you’re marketing your company online, you have mere seconds to grabs someone’s attention before they go clicking away. You know the glut of content coming at you. It’s the same for your customers. To stand out you need to give your audience something to really look at – on your site, on your social, in your email, on your blog. Errrywhere.

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Twitter moments: What the heck are they and how do you use them?


A dog snuggling with his bird best friend is trending. So is "the 10 strangest things to ever happen
in a Walmart." And so is Justin Bieber. But we’re not going there.  

Who cares? And what makes something trend? Technically speaking, trending social media news is determined by the platform's algorithms. You don't need to take advanced math all over again, so we're going to cut to the simple explanation.

Essentially, when a topic gains above average mentions in a short period of time, it becomes a trend. Trending is unpredictable. Even the most random things can start to trend. Hence the large amount of cat topics and celebrity baby names trending daily. But is there any point in paying attention to this? Can you use it to profit your company? Yes and yes.

Today we'll show how you as a business owner or your company's social media manager can use Twitter's trending topics to your advantage.

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Forget Facebook. Click Send.

Posted by Shannon Winning


Hop in the car kids, because today we’re heading to Boston to learn how one startup made it stupid easy for followers to give them free press (and how your company can do it too).

We’re talking about how to reengage your dormant contact database with email, the most underrated social media engagement tool.

Let’s dig in.

At some point in your marketing efforts you realized it was important to gather email addresses from visitors, maybe to deliver company news or perhaps your blog. Maybe you're even gathering them for lead tracking and nurturing (high five!).

You've amassed a fat, juicy list of contacts. Fantastic. But if you don’t use it to connect with those people socially, you are missing an opportunity.

Today I’m going to show you how Grove Labs, a Boston-based startup uses email get its supporters to promote it on social media.

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