6 Photography Tips to Pump Up Your Social Media at Events

Posted by Jennifer Smiga

You’ve seen them. Straight on selfie head shots (or dead shots). Pics that do nothing to compel people to engage.

Let’s be real, a pic needs to be different, colorful and engaging to earn a like, regram or share from your followers. And at events, it can be even harder to have your social media post stand out among the flutter of party pics, unless you’re deliberate in capturing and sharing images that resonate.

My favorite piece of advice on how to make images interesting comes from Caitlin Winner, Facebook’s design manager and part time painter… “Start with Heart”

Pay attention to what excites you. Is it the shape of the thing? Is it the color relationships? Is it the way the light is casting shadows? If you make an image in service of what is interesting to you, others will find it interesting, too.

Follow Caitlin’s advice and these five tips from Marketing Rival, and you’ll have no problem amplifying your social reach at your next event —  from expo to meetup.

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5 Not Terrifying Social Media Updates For Your Brand

There have been a ton of changes to social media in recent months, and many of those changes will actually make our job in marketing easier. (Yay! And we thought it was just going to be nasty algorithm changes...)

From direct connections on Pinterest to more characters in a Tweet, small changes on top channels are helping brands tell their stories and engage more naturally with their consumers.

And without a big learning curve.

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Small Businesses Take Note! Three Facebook Updates Just For You

Facebook may have hurt you in the past – making it harder to reach your customers without advertising – but its recent changes are a win for small businesses.
The social media giant has turned it's attention to small companies and entrepreneurs with new tools to generate business on your page. These tools aim to make search easier to increase brand awareness and revenue. And because you want to make money, you should become adept at them.
45 million businesses use Facebook to reach and engage their customers. Unless you're living in a cave with no WiFi (in which case we'd like to come over for a monthly digital detox), you know the platform is a critical tool to collect information on customers, gain feedback and build your online community. Now, Facebook can do so much more to drive business.
Let's review three recent updates.
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Public Relations: 3 Social Media Tricks to Tell Your Brand Story

Posted by Jennifer Smiga


If you're holding a smartphone right now, you're holding the greatest public relations tool this side of the press release.

The media have more vehichles for breaking news today than at any time in history, and as a news channel, social media is taking on a larger news role everyday.

In fact, 30 percent of American adults get their news from Facebook, according to the Pew Research Center.

You know how your heartstrings (and attention) have been tugged by all those feel good people and pet stories in your news feeds. If you dig deep enough, you’ll discover similar stories within your client's company. It’s just a matter of being open to listening and discovering the human-interest and news pieces that attract today’s busy editors, reporters, and producers.

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