These Subject Lines Dared Me To Open

Posted by Shannon Winning

It’s hard to stand out in my email inbox. I stop to make tea and there are 17 new messages demanding my attention. (It’s probably happening to you right now.) A little caffeine break, or maybe even just navigating away for actual work work and I’m forced to mentally triage the damage when I return – look at it later, ignore forever, unsubscribe, oooh wait, what is THAT?

Shannon, people are looking at your LinkedIn profile.

Is this not everyone’s favorite subject line? It translates to: You are amazing. Everyone wants to know you.

What it actually means might be less spec

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You're a Writer. Start Acting Like One.

Posted by Shannon Winning

You do it at your desk. You do it on the train. You do it in line at the DMV. Heck you probably did it while you were in bed this morning.

You write.

Whether you’re an architect or a banker, a developer or an interior designer, you my friend, are a writer.

It’s not what the man pays you for, but it’s what you do as part of your every day, in business and in life.

It’s a means to your end.

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