All of our clients are great, but some are doing ultra good work for kids and communities.

That deserves a special shout out.


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Keeping kids in the game

If you've been on the sidelines of a rec soccer game we don't need to tell you that something has gone awry in youth sports. Kids today are subject to pressures from many directions - and sometimes the hardest one to handle is from the sidelines.

Enter InCourage Sports, an online video resource designed to equip coaches, parents and kids to create a youth sports environment that's fun, healthy, and worth staying in throughout their school years. 

Check out the video for more.






Creating safer places to learn, work and live

Remember when the playground bully (or being embarrassed) was a kid's worst fear in school?

Today the school environment is so much more threatening. From cyber bullying to school violence, kids and parents face so many more real dangers today. The STOPit Solutions app (and their suite of services) makes it easy for kids to use their phones to report incidents - anonymously. The company, known for its work nationally for schools, now brings anonymous reporting to every industry to keep workplaces safe and compliant, and in your town, to keep police informed in real time.

This video tells more about STOPit and their headquarters (which happen to be right down the hall from UV).